Development in periods of 7 years

Spiritually a human has multiple bodies. A physical body, an ethereal or life-energy body, an astral body or soul, and a higher, moral Self, also called spirit. There are more ways divide and subdivide, for the the moment I work with this four bodies.

By birth the physical body comes truly on earth and slowly develops way to free movement. The other three bodies aren’t free, though. They aren’t even anchored completely in the physical body.

Until the 7th year the ethereal body isn’t the child own, but the physical body is energetically fed by the ethereal bodies of the parents. Around the 7th year the ethereal body of the child is born and starts to develop. In the physical world is this recognisable in the way children can learn, in a way they couldn’t before.

Around the 14th year the astral body or soul is born. Because of this, emotions will be felt more from the inside, as emotions belonging to the child, instead of just emotions, coming from the outside. Until the 14th year, the soul of a human is (when developed right) around a person and not inside.

Around the 21th year the Spirit or Higher Self is born. The Higher Self orchestrates the events you encounter in your live, to develop your consciousness. Before your 21th year, this happens in collaboration with your parents, family and teachers. Afterwards, this becomes more and more your own,

After 28th, 35th, 42th and so on, there are transformations of the first 4 bodies. So the development carries on.