Everything you buy has to be made and transported. Remember that with everything you buy.

I was walking through a “garden centre” today. We’re going to Christmas. And the world isn’t going to burn apocalyptical, but we’re going over the 2 degrees climate heating. We’re going to have wars about waters, food, resources. The Northern hemisphere is probably going into an overage, while the southern is going to be a hit hellscape. (search Golfstream).

But as I walk through this so called garden centre, I don’t see that. What a junk, what a plastic. We are angry about China not lowering emissions enough, but we are buying their stuff. And we put cargo ships full with it.

One basic anthroposophic thought exercise is; think about everything that is needed for a simple thing. Do that with the stuff you ‘wamt’ to buy. Do you need it? Do you vote for this product being made and shipped around the world?