There is a great movie about Fantastic beasts. Sadly not so where to find them, but it does mention how the magic folk of that time are afraid of most of them and want the more *dangerous ones* killed. And how the main protagonist wants to save them, protect them and educate his fellow magic folk how to handle them. He is specially good in handling them and working together with them.

If you are convinced of a spiritual world, you may know that in the spiritual world these creatures are in some way existing. Maybe not with the movie looks, but still, existing. I think it is time we acknowledge this and try to work with them, or, encountering them, handle them with care.

In the title I use the word smudging. This is especially for a facebookgroup where I am member from. A lot of advice against unwantend energies, manivestations or entities in some sort, is smudging. This is an example of bad handling. One can smoke out a magical creature, but it wont be happy about it. In a case like that, try to listen. And watch very carefully for signs of how the creature behaves.