Fighting the lies wolf.
Behind every thought is a spiritual being. Behind big thoughts, like freedom, capitalism or materialism are big spiritual beings.
The being that is behind materialism, that inspires materialism, is an archangelic like being, in Anthroposophy called Ahriman. This is after its depiction in ancient Persian mythology. We do meet it also in Faust, where it is called Mefisto, or Mephistopheles. This being is inspires thoughts that are materialistic and deny spirituality. They often are lies, while they deny spirituality.

These thoughts are dry, dead in some ways, create fear and suck up energy. So you may want to get rid of these thoughts and have more energy, even be more healthy.

How this can be done is shown us by the Scandinavian Mythology. In this there is the Ragnarok, the Götterdammerung, the Twilight of the Gods. Everything evil attacks the Gods from Asgard and most of them appear out of side for us, the Twilight before the Night.
One battle is Odin (Germanic Wodan) against the giant wolf Fenrir. This beast is so big, it’s mouth stretches from the earth to the sky. It’s children devour the sun and the moon. It is symbolic for lies and especially fear, the tools of the Material spirits (Ahriman).

Odin is the god that goes up against Fenrir. He does get killed though. Imagine that; the main god, father of gods, dies against the main foe. What hope is left?

There is hope left; Odins son Vidar will step up and fight the wolf. He has a big shoe, made of special leather, and puts this in the yaw of Fenrir and than stabs it in the throat, killing it.
This shoe is important; it is made of pieces left over by the making of human shoes. This is symbolic for the energy people have left, when they have cared for themselves. If you give your extra energy to this god, he has enough strength to fight the lies wolf, Fenrir.

These mythologic stories are symbolic for the world development, and at the same time for our own development. These fights take place in our aura. If you imagine this, and imagine Vidar killing Fenrir, you will create a force in your aura, which kills fear, which removes Ahriman from your aura.