The ethereal body, the energetic body, of the earth is not healthy. It should expand several meters out of the earth. Now, it is almost anywhere beneath the hips, often knees and sometimes ankles.
When a clairvoyant person perceives this low body, they can see a sort of thick, sticky, crude oil like upper layer, und which the elemental beings of the earth are trapped. This is certainly the case in most buildings, on asphalt and concrete roads and other hardened surfaces.

The hardened surface itself isn’t the biggest cause. It doesn’t help of course; plants allow the earth beings to come higher. The main cause lies in materialistic thinking. Materialistic thoughts, the ones that deny a spiritual world, do energetically deny this spiritual world to be healthy. It pushes the ether body of the world down.

At the same time an other thing happens; an elemental being, haughty and materialistic, has taken a seat in the body of the human. This can take place between 9 and 12 years old, if the school education isn’t open enough to spirituality or struggling with it.
This being stretches all the way from the head to the floor. At the floor, it sucks up the elemental beings that are stuck under the oily layer, thinning the earth ether even more.
These beings are taken up in the haughty creature, filling the head space of the human it resides, and dulling their thoughts.

This haughty creature can be fought. Mythological stories, especially Scandinavian, already help. Most importantly is the story of the battle between Vidar and Fenrir. The beings in our aura symbolised by Fenrir keep the haughty creature intact. Fighting off, eventual killing these Fenrir beings makes the haughty creature deflate, shrinking to a peel.

Fighting Fear, Fenrir, Ahriman, Materialism.