Development in 7 years periodes.

From a spiritual point of view, a human exists out of multiple bodies. A physical body, a etheric body, an astral body and a spiritual body, also called higher or moral Self. There are more ways to distinguish the layers of spiritual bodies, for the moment I use this separation of 4 layers or bodies.

At birth, the physical body comes complete on the world and slowly learns to move free. The other 3 bodies aren’t free yet. They aren’t even completely anchored in the physical body.

Until the 7th year, the etheric or live body isn’t of the child, but the physical body of the child is energetically fed by the etheric bodies of the parents. It is therefore necessary that the parents look right and clear after their own energetical fitness and do activities to replenish themselves energetical. (a walk around the park, especially at the waterside, is very helpful)

From the 7th year forward the etheric body becomes free. Through this, the child kan really start to learn. Before this point, learning is memorize, but not yet (conscious) understanding. Like the growth of the physical body, the etheric body does grow. Growth for the etheric body means that more and more of the ethereal energy of the parents transforms to the child own energy.

From the 14th year the astral body comes free. Through this emotions, who are till then more felt from the outside, are more and more felt from within. “They aren’t just emotions, they are MINE emotion”. Before this period, the astral body and soul works from and is outside the body (when developed in a healty way). Especially short after the physical birth you can experience this new, clear soul in the space where the child is, filling it completely.

From the 21th year the spiritual body, spirit or higher Self comes free. Through this a human can educate/coach itself. Before this time, a human need others for education/coaching.
After this development of the 4 main bodies, there are more developments, transformations of the existing bodies. These also take 7 year each, so at 28, 35, 42, etcetera.

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