Reincarnation                                                                                                    Dutch: reïncarnatie

Humans live multiple times. Now, a couple of decades ago, centuries ago and millenia ago. The spirit returns regularly to earth, to receive a body (incarnare = coming into flesh) and to develop itself further on earth. Between earthlives, the spirit is in the spiritual world, to reflect on its development, to help the world go round and after a while to prepare itself for a new physical live.

In normal day routine you are conscious through your soul, with which you have access to the memories of your current live. In the subconsciousness your spirit is working. The spirit is the part of a human which goes from live to live. It contains the memories of past lives, which you can access through i.a. meditation.

As a principle there pass a little more than 1000 years between two lives. Since 1500 the time between is shortening. It is now possible that people are being born today who died begin/middle 20th century, .