Little bit play on words; it’s about physical objects in your aura, what does it? How does it influence your thoughts, your feeling?

Honestly, I don’t know yet. It’s an ongoing research project. They do influence our thoughts and emotions. From the building you are in, the objects (or empty space) there, animals, water. Your aura is mostly a sphere, oval shaped, extending a meter or more outside you, like a giant egg. In it are your emotions and thoughts. What happen when something (or someone) moves through that sphere of energy, swirling thoughts and feelings.

One of the wildest impressions I have with appearing animals.
Watch, when you go walking or are standing in nature, or in your garden, how birds fly. Then, at the same time, watch what your thoughts and emotions are. My impression is that there is a connection.

In eurythmy, the energy ‘dance’ of anthroposophy and Waldorf, there are outgoing movements, directed to right front, and inward movements, directed to left back. My impression is that when I am in a bird rich surrounding and my thoughts are outgoing, about the world, wanting to do things, about others, progressive thoughts, then birds fly from left to right, and more forward.
As, when I have ingoing thoughts, more about myself, about emotions, about wanting to stay home, be small, maybe a little bit sad, or backwards, then birds fly from right to left.

Or, and that is the exciting, suspenseful thought, when birds fly from left to right, my thoughts will be outgoing, and vice versa when the birds fly right to left. It’s a little bit a chicken – egg situation, what comes first; my thoughts and birds follow, or the birds fly and influence my thoughts. Although, maybe it’s a bit of both…..

My next questions is, what do other animals do to my thinking and feeling. What does a fox, or a deer, suddenly before you on your path, mean.
Or, sadly, roadkill?

Thinking outside a box is easier when you don’t live or work in a box. This is also a reason for the anthroposophic “Abgeëkte” corners. (Not rounded off, but cornered off.) This is so our thoughts and feelings, moving through the space around us, flow gently from ceiling to wall and so fort, instead of a hard 90 degree corner.