Ethereal body                                                                                              Dutch: Etherlichaam

A human consists of a physical body, an ethereal body, a soul and a spirit. The ethereal body consists of live energy, called ethereal energy, after the Greek god Eather, god of the heavenly air.

The ethereal body maintains the physical, mineral body. It’s almost the same shape as the physical body, with organs, muscles, skin, etc. If it’s healthy, than everything in the ethereal body is a little bit bigger than in the physical body, so the energies overlap and the ethereal body exceeds the shape of the physical.

Wenn ill, the ethereal body is weekend at the place of the illness. Medicines can weaken the illnes, what most ‘regular’ medicines do, or strengthen the own energy, what a lot of therapies and antroposophic medicin do.

At birth the ethereal body of the child is complete connected to the energies of the parents. The body of the child is fed and formed both by physical nutrition, as by the energies of the parents.

Around the 7th year this connection dissolves and the child starts to transform the ethereal body with the energies of its parents, into it’s own ethereal shape. This transformation can be hampered by to early consciousness development.

The ethereal body is the seat of the memory. Memories are like ‘packages’ ethereal energy. Before the 7th year, a child can only receive these packages, from the 7th year onwards is can also changes them.